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New Year’s Resolution: Build Credit

Five tips for improving your credit Monitoring your credit report and credit rating is important, especially if you’re considering a large purchase or looking to lease. Here are five tips for improving your credit. It’s not about quick fixes, but responsible financial activity over time. Get a credit card: OK, this may seem counterintuitive, but…
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Thanskgiving & Disposals

We hope your week is filled with gratitude, family, fun and FOOD! Over the next few days, you'll be prepping - so residents, please read the following reminder to keep everyone happy, safe and avoid having to call the repair man! Happy Thanksgiving!!


Too Early for Spring Cleaning?

Tips & tools for Everyday Items Sometimes you just can’t find the right tool for the job, even with all the usual cleaning tools at your disposal. Here are some tips for those items and places that are always a pain to keep squeaky clean. Microwave: The solution for a clean microwave is in your…
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